Make Informed Investment Decisions

EqualSeat believes a clear understanding of commercial debt helps you make smart investment decisions.

Professionally Underwritten Commercial Debt

EqualSeat’s parent company, AVANA Capital, has an in-house team of full-time professional credit analysts that work hand-in-hand with third party experts to assess and evaluate the unique risk profile of every debt investment opportunity that appears on EqualSeat.

A comprehensive credit analysis is the underpinning of every loan on EqualSeat

Cash Flow

Collaboration with appraisers, engineers, and other specialists validates our credit decision on every loan.


All borrowers are required to have “skin in the game” in the form of real cash equity.

Stress Testing

All loans are stress-tested to ensure performance under various economic conditions.

Third-Party Experts

Appraisers, engineers, and other experts are hired to make sure we have the right information to make a credit decision on every loan.


Borrowers are required to have a proven track record of experience sufficient to ensure they can successfully complete each project.

Understanding Loan Types

A variety of loan types are available to EqualSeat investors.

Different commercial loan types have different risk profiles. Loan types available on EqualSeat include:

Construction Loans

These loans finance the construction of a new capital asset.

Bridge Loans

Bridge loans provide interim capital to a project for re-positioning, such as a change in franchise for a hospitality project.

Term Loans

Term loans provide financing for an operating asset that is expected to continue operating in substantially the same manner it currently is.

Mezzanine Loans

Mezzanine loans are secured by a junior lien on a property, and provide additional capital to a borrower above and beyond the senior loan.