Creating Opportunities for Individual Investors

Leveling the Playing Field in Commercial Debt Investments

Bridging the Gap to Institutional-Quality Fixed Income Investments

Individual investors looking for a monthly cash flow and reliable returns have finally found their place with EqualSeat. The digital platform provides a simple and efficient way to access investment opportunities outside of the volatile stock market. Now you have an equal seat at the table to co-invest in loans in niche industries with institutional investors.

Whether you want to fully immerse yourself in the platform or opt for an automated, hands-off approach, EqualSeat delivers clear and accurate reports so you know exactly where your money is and the measurable social impact of your investment.

6-10% AVERAGE RETURNS to date

Investing in high quality commercial debt delivers a steady cash flow for individual investors.

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EqualSeat is Designed to Make Sure your Investments are Secure

Learn More About How It All Works

Everything on EqualSeat's platform is currently generating income and already held by institutional investors. Each small business loan has been rigorously underwritten, funded, and seasoned to deliver individuals access to high quality fixed income investments. Co-investing in debt instruments already fully vetted by large institutions presents individuals with an opportunity for a dependable monthly cash flow from investing.

Why Settle for Infrequent Cash Flow, When EqualSeat Offers Monthly Returns?

Reap the benefits of a reliable fixed income investment with monthly returns. Returns go directly into a digital wallet where you can reinvest or withdraw. Let your money work for you, so you can focus on ways to enjoy it:

Seasonal Get-Aways

Use your returns for a seasonal property to live it up to the fullest during ski or beach season.

Family Support

If you have or are planning to have kids, a boost in monthly income can go a long way in funding education and activities.

Kickstart your Hobby

Invest in a hobby you’ve always dreamed of without putting a dent in your current life-style.

Boost Retirement Savings

Save up for retirement and continue to use the monthly income to support your post-career lifestyle.

LOANS CLOSED TO DATE: $1,500,000,000

READY for a Predictable Fixed Income Investment Opportunity on EqualSeat’s Platform?

The People and Platform that Make a Difference

EqualSeat's team of lending and investment experts have a passion for facilitating growth for individual investors and communities. Debt instruments offered on the platform are supporting small businesses that create jobs, stimulate local economies, and promote renewable energy projects. With EqualSeat we serve the people in our community, improve the environment, and help businesses and investors profit together.

A Network of Experts

Serving industries where we have a long-standing history and deep understanding of the risks leads to an unparalleled level of experience and expertise.

A System that Gives Back

EqualSeat's platform not only generates wealth for individuals, but also has a measurable impact on communities through supporting small businesses in niche industries.