Frequently Asked Questions

What is EqualSeat?

EqualSeat is a small-business short-term lending and micro-investment tool that levels the playing field so everyday individuals and accredited investors can participate in fixed income debt investments alongside institutional investors.

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How do I start investing?

A quick application and verification process allows investors to select their investment options right away and start earning. Click below to start earning a monthly cash flow!

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How long does it take to verify my application?

After filling out EqualSeat’s brief online questionnaire, investors can get approved within minutes and be given access to the platform. If any further information is needed to complete your application, an EqualSeat team member will reach out to you. 

How often will I receive money from my investments?

Investments on EqualSeat are made in Payment Dependent Notes which tie  cash flow directly to payments on the underlying loan. When a borrower makes a monthly payment, you get paid. 

Is there a limit to how much I can invest?

No, there is not a limit on how much an investor can invest. 

Where do the investment opportunities come from?

EqualSeat’s platform offers debt investments on businesses loans in renewable energy, hospitality, and other commercial projects that are originated by our parent company, AVANA Capital. Investors benefit from a monthly cash flow while stimulating local economies and/or supporting clean energy projects.

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Where can I see how my investments are doing?

Investors always have access to their account to view clear, accurate reports, so they can see where their money is and the measurable impact of their investment.

Is EqualSeat’s fixed income investment opportunity time consuming?

EqualSeat provides investors with the opportunity to choose their level of involvement. Once the account is set up, individuals can manually select their debt investments or opt for an automated, hands-off approach by identifying and customizing their preferences.

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What is a debt investment?

EqualSeat’s parent company, AVANA Capital, provides funding for small business projects in niche industries. Once the loan has gone through a rigorous process of underwriting, funding, and seasoning it is offered on EqualSeat’s platform so individual investors can buy into the debt on the loan and earn a monthly cash flow from the payments made on the interest or interest/principle of the loan.

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