Where Technology & Expertise Collide

EqualSeat is combining innovative technology and decades of lending experience to bring a simple and effective alternative investment option to individual investors.


Leveling the Playing Field for Individual Investors

Commercial debt opportunities from expert lenders on a platform made for you.

The EqualSeat alternative investment method creates an opportunity for institutional-quality fixed income returns for individuals. With low minimum investments, EqualSeat is democratizing access to investments in small business debt. Innovative technology with EqualSeat’s debt investment platform makes investing in quality small business and clean energy loans easy and convenient for everyday individual and accredited investors.

Efficient Alternative Investment Solutions

Investing in debt with EqualSeat provides a dependable fixed income opportunity for individuals

EqualSeat is paving the way for change with transparency, predictability and simplicity in a digital platform of quality debt instruments. A quick application and verification process allows individuals and accredited investors to select their investment options right away and start earning.

Don’t settle with other alternative investments that lack transparency in structure and fees

EqualSeat is straightforward and clear every step of the way

Access quality investment opportunities that are typically limited to institutional investors

EqualSeat is democratizing access to investments for individuals

Leave behind the concerns and fears of a volatile market with inconsistent returns

EqualSeat provides fixed income debt investments with monthly cash flows

EqualSeat provides a fully transparent platform so you can understand your unique portfolio and its risks and returns. Clear and accurate reports are available at all times so you can make informed decisions.

Learn More About How It All Works

Investment Experts with a History of Success

EqualSeat’s team supports investors with the passion and expertise that makes a difference.

Dedicated to creating opportunities for individuals, EqualSeat’s team is here to provide investment options that work best for you with a convenient and simplified approach. For decades, the team behind EqualSeat has been helping investors meet their goals through investing in commercial real estate, renewable energy, and small business debt. Their long-standing track record in the industry and making quality debt investments stem from EqualSeat’s parent company, AVANA Capital.

90+ Combined Years of Experience

A diverse and seasoned team of experienced commercial lenders and asset managers.

Investing in the Social Good

10,000+ Jobs Created

Through projects with our lending partner, AVANA Capital

EqualSeat is driven by a passion to support small businesses in niche industries that spur economic growth and environmental impact. By selecting commercial real estate, hospitality, renewable energy and small business loans, EqualSeat is helping fund projects that create jobs and reduce reliance on fossil fuels. The debt investment opportunities offered on EqualSeat’s platform encourage a larger initiative to support communities that care for their people and their planet.


How long does it take to verify my ID?

ID verification typically only takes a few seconds. In some rare cases, we may need some additional information. If that happens, an EqualSeat team member will reach out to you directly.

Is there a limit to how much I can invest?

No, there is no limit on how much an investor can invest.