Ready for a Dependable Cash Flow Investment?

Investors looking for an alternative fixed income investment opportunity have found their place with EqualSeat.

A Cash Flow Investment You Can Count On

Investing in debt with EqualSeat delivers a monthly cash flow with the simplicity that other investment opportunities lack.

Investors want to plan ahead and understand the potential returns for their investments. They need to know where their money is and be able to access clear, accurate reports 24/7. EqualSeat has this covered.

Don’t settle for other alternative investments with hidden structures and fees

EqualSeat is straightforward and clear every step of the way

Gain access to cash flow investments typically limited to institutional investors

EqualSeat is democratizing access to high-quality cash flow investments

Find diversification outside of public equity markets

Debt investments offered by EqualSeat are an alternative to volatile equity markets.

At EqualSeat, we believe individuals should have access to institutional-quality cash flow investment opportunities. We are lowering the barrier to participation so you can supplement your income with monthly returns from impactful debt investments in niche markets.

Learn More About How EqualSeat Works

Co-invest Alongside Institutional Investors

EqualSeat’s debt investment platform provides a unique opportunity for individuals to buy into professionally underwritten commercial loans already fully funded and generating income. Our parent company, AVANA Capital, conducts exhaustive due diligence, credit underwriting, and risk mitigation on all financing requests.

Following the application process, investors are able to manually select or auto-invest in debt instruments already generating monthly cash flow. EqualSeat’s platform provides access to real-time reports so you can see the measurable impact of your investments.

4-7% Strong risk-adjusted returns

Investing in high quality commercial debt delivers steady cash flow for individuals

A History of Success for Investors and Communities

The team behind EqualSeat has over 90 years of combined experience in lending, asset management, and protecting the wealth of investors. By selecting commercial projects where we have extensive experience and a deep understanding of the risks, our team is able to provide institutional quality investment opportunities that support local economic growth and environmental sustainability.

A Network of Experts

We are here to help take the guesswork out of the process of investing in commercial debt to deliver a dependable fixed income opportunity for individuals.

A System that Gives Back

By investing in debt on projects that stimulate the economy and promote sustainability, you benefit from monthly cash flow, while supporting local communities and the planet.