We’re Invested in Your Investments

The EqualSeat team’s mission is to protect the wealth of our investors with dedication and transparency.

What We Believe

Keeping the barrier to participation low opens the door for investors to build customized, diverse portfolios.

Those who have worked hard for what they have should be able to supplement their income through smart investments.

Keeping the barrier to participation low opens the gates for investors to build a customized, diverse portfolio.

Investors should know where their money is and be able to see the measurable impact of their investment.

Everything We Do, We’re All In

EqualSeat’s team is supportive of investors, and committed to transparency and quality in every aspect of how we operate.


We are dedicated to offering high quality cash flow investments for individuals.


We are here to help take the guesswork out of the process for online debt investments.


We use technology to make cash flow investments easier and more convenient for individuals.


We conduct comprehensive analysis to test loan performance through various economic cycles.

Industry Expertise That Sets Us Apart

EqualSeat’s team has decades of experience in commercial debt and a history of low losses.

With experts in structured debt instruments, credit analysis, fixed-income investments, and mortgage portfolio management, EqualSeat’s team has the versatility to deliver quality accredited investor opportunities. Our team chooses projects in niche industries where we have significant experience and a deep understanding of the risks. This enables us to provide high quality debt investment options that are professionally underwritten by industry experts.

A Foundation of Preserving Capital

EqualSeat’s parent company, AVANA Capital, is an extension of our team’s commitment to diligently managing risks and funding commercial projects that spur economic growth. AVANA Capital’s years in the commercial lending and investment industries presents an unparalleled opportunity for individual investors to participate alongside institutional investors in high-standard debt investments. 

  • 18 years of lending experience
  • $1.5 billion in loans closed to date
  • 10,000 jobs created in the USA

Your debt investments are rooted in a long-standing history and dedication to protecting wealth.