Frictionless Investing

EqualSeat’s accessible and user-friendly platform allows individuals to co-invest alongside institutional investors.

A Simplified Process

Taking guesswork out of the process to make investing simple and painless for individual investors.

How Investing in Debt Works with EqualSeat:

Unique Commercial and Clean Energy Projects

Using our deep expertise and experience in niche industries, EqualSeat provides loans for small business projects.

Comprehensive Diligence

Every loan is rigorously underwritten, as well as funded and seasoned before being offered on EqualSeat’s platform.

Certainty of Execution

With large companies and institutional investors fully funding the loans, you can co-invest in loans that are already generating monthly interest income.

Innovative Technology

Individuals use EqualSeat’s platform to invest in commercial debt with customizable preferences.

Predictable Monthly Cash Flows

EqualSeat’s fixed income opportunity delivers monthly cash flow so you can see and measure the social impact of your investments.

Start Earning Monthly Cash Flow from Investing

Fixed income investments are at your fingertips with a streamlined process that makes investing convenient and dependable.

Straightforward Application Process

To participate in EqualSeat’s debt investment platform, fill out a brief, easy-to-use online questionnaire.

Quick Verification Response

Within minutes, investors are given access to the platform. If any further details are needed, the EqualSeat team will contact you quickly.

Easy Online Account Set-Up

Set up your account and fund your digital wallet to get started earning monthly cash flow from investing.

Simplified Debt Selections

Choose your level of involvement by manually selecting investments or customizing your preferences to auto-invest.

Transparent Results

Once you’re invested, you’ll start earning and will have access to see the measurable impact of your investments.

Learn more about our investment vetting process

The Monthly Cash Flow Investing Cycle

Until the loan is paid off, you’ll continue receiving monthly cash flow on the loan you own. Once the loan is paid off, you will receive your portion of the principal balance plus collected accrued unpaid interest.

All your cash will go directly into your digital wallet, where you can then reinvest or withdraw. If you’ve selected the automated debt investment option, the funds will continually reinvest in loans that meet your customized parameters for real estate debt investing.

A seamless process throughout the loan's lifespan provides transparency and simplicity.

Your Investment Gives Back

All loans offered on EqualSeat support our triple bottom line strategy of creating jobs, increasing clean energy resources, and providing investor returns.